Top 4 Pyjama Japonais Femme – Ensembles de pyjama femme

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1. Fancy Pumpkin

Style japonais des femmes manches longues robes coton Kimono pyjamas costume robe de chambre Set, Vert L

Fancy Pumpkin - Lavable en machine, forfait incluant un costume Pyjama pantalon chemise de +. Convenir pour vêtements longueur 71cm/ 27, pantalons longueur 93cm/ 36, longueur des manches 51cm/ 20, 52 pouces, la circonférence de la hanche 106cm/ 41, 08 pouces, 61 pouces, 95 pouces, tour de poitrine 108cm/ 42, 73 pouces, épaule 49cm/ 19.29inch. Confortable et texturé. Convient pour la maison, de la vapeur Khan, sauna, loisirs. Taille l.
MarqueFancy Pumpkin
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2. Fancy Pumpkin

Womens Style Japonais Robes Kimono Pyjamas Costume Robe Robe Set Taille L, Flower01

Fancy Pumpkin - Confortable et texturé. Coton. Convient pour la maison, de la vapeur Khan, loisirs, sauna, parfait pour Pajama Party. Taille l longueur 28, 30" 110cm / pantalon 38, 77 "35, 43" 6890cm / hip 45, 59 "32cm / chest 43, 67" 116cm / manches 12, 74 "73cm / taille 26, 58" £ 98cm £. Taille MXL. Lavable en machine, forfait incluant un costume Pyjama chemise + pantalon, comme la première image montre.
MarqueFancy Pumpkin
ModèleCLO-1014-Size L

3. Fancy Pumpkin

Fancy Pumpkin Robe de Pyjamas de Style Japonais de Femmes Robe de Pyjama Kimono

Fancy Pumpkin - Lavable en machine, forfait incluant un costume Pyjama. Pantalon longueur 96cm / 37. Vêtements longueur 75 cm / 44. Convient pour la maison, sauna, de la vapeur Khan, loisirs.52 pouces. 09inch. 37inch. 9839. Confortable et texturé. 80inch. Coton. Taille: l. Prise 66100cm / 29. Buste 112cm / 25.
MarqueFancy Pumpkin
Numéro d'articleCLO--907

4. Rainbow Socks

36/40, Concombre Maki, Sushi Socks Box, 2 paires de Sushi CHAUSSETTES en Coton: Saumon Nigiri Concombre Maki, CADEAU CRÉATIF pour Fammes et Hommes, Saumon

Rainbow Socks - Ideal for a gift - sushi socks box is a fantastic idea for a funny gift that will always spark a lot of laughter. Trick your friends! colorful socks are cool - food socks are a fashionable motif in the world of modern sock fashion - just like the Japanese style.

Each sock has its own unique pattern and colors: black, red, nigiri, and ginger made of fabric. We guarantee a burst of laughter when the gift recipient discovers that they received socks instead of sushi. Each sock is folded in a specific way so that it resembles the Japanese delicacy. Unique and exceptional socks - sushi socks box is unlike any other product of this type in the world. Owing to our passion and many years of experience, the production maintains high standards offering high-quality cotton socks in original and detailed patterns and colors.

Sushi socks are also an indispensable gadget of every sushi and Japan lover. The idea for the socks that look and are packed like real sushi was born a few years ago in the heads of creative people who love sushi. Fans of colorful socks won't be disappointed as well. High quality, family business - sushi socks are produced in a small family company in central Europe. This process supports the local textile industry. Fans of sushi and funny socks - let's come together! :D.
MarqueRainbow Socks
La taille3.99 cm (1.57 Pouces)
Longueur16.99 cm (6.69 Pouces)
Largeur11.99 cm (4.72 Pouces)
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